Akasha Center founded by Marilena Shyama Shakti, is the first Aerial Yoga Center in Cyprus since 2013, offering Aerial Yoga, Unnata Aerial Yoga, Pilates Aerial, Restorative Aerial & Kids Aerial and more!
Aerial yoga is a unique program that combines traditional yoga poses with strengthening components and fun of Aerial Arts. It is done on soft fabric trapeze hanging from the ceiling, providing an “elevating” experience both physically and in spirit. In Aerial Yoga, our body weight is supported in mid-air. With the help of gravity classical yoga poses are explored in a new exciting way that strengthens the whole body, while enhancing body’s proprioception, proper alignment, decompression of the joints and release of deep muscles and fascia. Fly yourself fit and turn the whole world upside down!
Our center is the first and pioneer center in Aerial Yoga Arts offering a big range of aerial yoga classes.
We offer:
- Aerial Yoga
- Unnata Aerial Yoga
- Flow Aerial Yoga
- Restorative Aerial Yoga
- Prenatal Aerial Yoga
- Kids Aerial Yoga
We provide:
- Teacher Training Courses
- Workshops
- Special events classes
- Kids' Aerial Yoga Parties
- Private & group classes

  • Minimum Age:
    5 years old
  • Maximum Age:
    95 years old

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