On the surface, Wing Chun is a Chinese martial art specializing in close-quarters hand-to-hand combat. But it's deeper purpose lies within its universal concepts of applied efficiency, conflict resolution and practical life lessons.
The concepts and philosophies that make Wing Chun so effective for physical self-defense also hold the keys to overcoming life's most difficult challenges. Within Wing Chun, there are life-changing lessons that have the ability to revolutionize the way you look at challenges and how you respond to them. You learn to look at things in a whole new way... simpler, clearer, more focused, grounded and more balanced. Through this new way of looking at life's challenges, you learn to react more efficiently, precisely, purposeful and confident.

  • Minimum Age:
    10 years old
  • Maximum Age:
    50 years old

Dimokritou 12, Agios Nicolaos (3.12 km) 3101 Limassol


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      Dimokritou 12, Agios Nicolaos (3.12 km) 3101 Limassol

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