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*Gift vouchers bought during this sale are only valid for rooms played during February 2021.

Your team connects to a live video stream over zoom from anywhere in the world and joins the live game master. She/he is situated inside an actual escape room and will be your eyes and ears as you instruct them on where to look for clues. Any clue you find is added to your game dashboard so you can examine them in detail.

  • Connect remotely over Zoom.
  • 2-6 people per room.
  • 60 minutes adventure.
  • 8 rooms to choose from.
  • Game played in English.

More details in the full description below.

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Jump aboard a live video stream from anywhere in the world. The live online escape room gives you the opportunity to try the new generation of escape games. These remote escape rooms bring you and your friends an unlimited experience of getting together without violating the social distancing principles.


Essentially you’re plugging yourself into a physical Games Master who’s situated in the actual escape room itself. See through their eyes as you pull the strings, controlling their every move as you search for clues and race to complete your 60 minute adventure. The game master will follow your instructions to walk around the room and with the help of a webcam, you will see exactly what they see. Find clues, figure out the connections and solve the puzzles. Any clue you find goes into your digital inventory accessed by your game dashboard for closer inspection. You will need a strong team who will join the game online to work together as a team to face the challenges of the escape room. Get ready for the unexpected and experience this fun adventure!


  1. Choose your room here:
  2. Contact Activitygogo with your voucher details, your chosen room and date/time request.
  3. We book the room for you and send you the confirmed game link to your email.


Click on the provided game link to go to the game dashboard. Then click on the “Open Zoom” button to enter the room where the game master will wait for you and your team. The game master who is situated inside the actual escape room will welcome you and explain the game. 60 minutes on the clock…go!



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