Let's get you paid

Payout Options.

Option A: The easy way

Self-billing Agreement.

Let us handle all the invoicing so you don’t have to! When you choose the self-billing agreement, we will automatically issue an invoice to us on your behalf when you redeem a gift card. We will then send you the payment and invoices for your records. Please select and complete the form that applies to you below.

Option B: Going Manual


If you prefer, you can stay in charge of invoicing us for your redemptions.  Please issue the invoice to “ACTIVITYGOGO CY LTD” for the full amount you redeemed and include the gift card code on the invoice. 

Please send your invoice to: [email protected]  

For any questions please call us on
+357 99 79 32 52

Past Redemptions

Request Report.

To receive a report on all your past redemptions and payouts history, please submit your request using the form below.