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    1. 1. Introduction

    1.1.  This Vendor Agreement (hereinafter “Agreement” or “Contract”), is made and entered into by and between ACTIVITYGOGO CY LTD (hereinafter “Activitygogo”, “the Platform, “the Company”) and the Vendor of activities (hereinafter “the Vendor”)

    1.2. Activitygogo is a Cypriot company registered under the Company Number HE392089. The Company’s official e-mail address is [email protected] and the official phone number is +357 97 22354.

    1.3. Activitygogo offers the Vendor’s services for sale on the Activitygogo online platform in the form of vouchers, solely upon the terms and conditions contained in this Contract, and on no other terms, unless mutually agreed.


    1. 2. Definitions

    2.1. The “Customer” is meant both as the individual who purchases a voucher for own use or as a gift and as the receiver of the gift voucher.

    2.2. The “Service” or “Services” is meant both as a single service or as a package of services provided by the Vendor.

    2.3. The “Product” is meant as the listed entry of the service on the Platform shop available for purchase, containing the service description, price and other related information.

    2.4. The “Voucher” is the digital voucher that the Customer receives as proof of purchase of the product, which includes a unique redeemable code.


    1. 3. Vendor Agreement Terms & Conditions

    3.1. Activitygogo will offer for sale on its official website services offered by the Vendor, in the form of digital vouchers, which can be bought for individual use or as gifts.

    3.2. The selling price and content of each individual product will be agreed in advance by both parties, prior to any placement of the service for purchase on the website.

    3.3. For changes of the content or price or other characteristics of the product, the Vendor must send a request via e-mail to [email protected], including the link of the product listing on the Platform. Activitygogo will review the request and will either approve the changes or reinitiate the negotiation process.

    3.4. Activitygogo reserves the right to inspect the services provided by the Vendor. In the event the services do not comply with the applicable description, Activitygogo shall notify the Vendor and give them a reasonable opportunity to correct any such nonconformance.

    3.5. The Vendor agrees not to provide lower prices for the services sold on Activitygogo to competing companies or via their own channels. Packages that are agreed to be Exclusive to Activitygogo and are labelled as such, can only be sold on Activitygogo and the Vendor agrees to not offer the same packages for sale, at the same or lower price, to customers or companies.


    1. 4. Payouts

    4.1. The Vendor agrees to pay Activitygogo a commission of 20% on the listed sale price of each product sold on the Platform

    4.2. When a Customer buys a voucher from the Activitygogo website, Activitygogo is the receiver of the payment. Each voucher has a unique code which is presented to the Vendor for the purpose of redeeming the voucher. Once the voucher bought is redeemed by the Vendor, either directly to the Vendor’s business premises or via phone, e-mail, text or other means of communication, the Vendor becomes beneficiary of the payment of the 80% of the selling price from Activitygogo.

    4.3. Activitygogo shall send an invoice request at the end of each month, provided that the Vendor has made at least one sale of paid services via the Platform. Payments are only dispensed upon reception of a valid invoice.


    1. 5. Voucher Redemption

    5.1. The vouchers can be redeemed on the day of the service (recommended), or in advance if the Vendor requires a payment guarantee by the Customer prior to booking an appointment.

    5.2. To redeem a voucher, the Vendor scans the QR code or enters the unique voucher code in the designated page and clicks on the “Redeem” button.

    5.3. Upon redemption of the voucher, the Customer enters into a direct contract with the Vendor, and becomes bound by the Vendor’s terms of business. The Vendor becomes from then onwards legally responsible for any liabilities provided by any relevant regulations, unless otherwise specified in their terms and conditions.

    5.4. Upon the redemption of the voucher, the Vendor is bound to fulfil their obligation of providing the service at the date and time booked by the Customer. If the Vendor is unable to provide the service on the booked date and/or time, they must inform the Customer in advance and arrange an alternative date/time. If the Vendor cancels the service and does not provide for an alternative date and/or time for the service to be provided, or if the Vendor fails to show up on the arranged date and time to provide the booked service, the Vendor does not qualify for any reception of payment and will be additionally liable to Activitygogo for a payment of EUR 10 per cancellation/no show.

    5.5. In the event that the Vendor wishes to stop offering their services for sale on Activitygogo, a notice of at least one month is required. The notice must be communicated via e-mail to [email protected]. In the event of termination of the relationship between Activitygogo and the Vendor, the Vendor is liable for providing the services for the vouchers already redeemed. If the Vendor does not provide the redeemed services to the Customer(s), the payment received for such activities is returnable to Activitygogo and the Vendor will be liable to Activitygogo for an additional payment of EUR 10 per cancellation/no show.

    5.6. Activitygogo reserves the right to stop offering the Vendor’s services for sale on the website, without any prior notice. The vouchers already redeemed will not be affected by such termination.


    1. 6. Customer Care

    6.1. The Vendor must have at least three (3) reviews on their profile before qualifying for offering their services for sale on the Activitygogo website.

    6.2. The Vendor must provide Activitygogo with at least two representative photos of the service provided, for use on the platform as promotional material.

    6.3. The Vendor is responsible for monitoring their reviews on the Activitygogo website and cater for the customer’s satisfaction.

    6.4. The Vendor does not have the right to use any of the customers personal data for purposes other than the necessary for the arrangement of the service. Use of the customers’ data for marketing and promotional services is prohibited, unless the customer gives their explicit written consent.

    6.5. The Vendor is liable for providing the customer with any information related to the service that the customer needs or wants to know, such as, but not limited to, the redeem instructions, availability, exact location, gear required, medical or other restrictions, health or other risks.


    1. 7. Severability Clause

    If any provision of this Agreement is determined to be illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, for any reason, then such provision shall be deemed stricken for purpose of the dispute in question, and all other provisions shall remain in full force and effect.


    1. 8. Acknowledgements

    8.1. The Vendor acknowledges that they have read, understood and accepted the present Agreement, and all other legal documentation available on the Company’s website (the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy ), as amended from time to time.

    8.2. The Vendor further acknowledges that the Company’s official language is the English language.