By dancing tango we can achieve:

⦁ better understanding of the body,
⦁ correct posture and alignment,
⦁ mind-body-spirit balance,
⦁ expressions of emotions,
⦁ strengthening our sense of space and time,
⦁ rhythmic awareness with musicality,
⦁ flexibility and strengthening of the muscles responsible for our posture and balance,
⦁ respect for the dance and the partner,
⦁ socializing,
⦁ and last but not least... something missing from our lives nowadays, the arms of another person!

  • knowledge of the Argentinean Tango.

Dance, Latin Dance


Spyrou Kyprianou 10, Limassol, Cyprus

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Spyrou Kyprianou 10, Limassol, Cyprus

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