Connect remotely and play online without violating social distancing.

  • A virtual social experience that makes your team laugh, talk and bond.
  • We provide the platform, content and a pro Host, while you relax away!
  • Our game gives everyone a chance to shine on different stages, regardless of age.

Setup as simple as 1, 2, 3

  • No fancy equipment or app required. No signup or account setting. All you need to access the game is a webcam, headphones, and a stable WiFi connection. Your team joins the room via a link.

Up to 25 players per room

  • Teams can be as small as 4 and as large as 25. Bigger team? No worries, we can run multiple rooms or a few events, giving everyone a chance to shine.

1 hour per game

  • Our Host will provide an intro and split you into small teams. Now you’re off to the game-land for an hour of bonding challenges.

Game Types

Why play one game, when you can have it all? You’ll get up to 8 different challenges throughout your event, our favorites include:

  • Fun Fact Guessing
  • Pictionary
  • Pub Trivia & Buzz In Challenges
  • Head-to-head duels, Lip Syncing & more

Your Event Hosts

You’ll be pampered by our expert Event Host. They’ll make sure all runs smoothly and work the energy and tempo of the group. Whenever you need them - they’ve got your back and know it all!
Your Host will lead the conversation, DJ music and provide game comments & scoreboards!


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