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1. Sign in

Sign in to you activity provider account. If you want to scan the QR code in step 2, make sure you have signed in on your device’s default browser before you scan it (e.g. safari for iphone).

2. Enter/Scan code

Enter the gift card code here and click the “Check it” button to check if the code is valid. OR simply scan the QR code on the voucher using your device’s camera app.

3. Check balance

Scroll to the “PRODUCT INFORMATION” section, and check the “Redeemable Price”. This is the available balance.

4. Enter amount

Scroll to the “REDEEM OPTIONS” section and choose a “Redeem method”.  You can redeem the “Full” amount (default option) or click on it to change it to “Partial”, so you can enter the Redeem Amount” (€) that the customer wants to use.

5. Redeem

Finally click the “Redeem” button. A confirmation message will appear at the top of the page. If you are unsure of the amount you redeemed, you can always check the code again to view the “REDEEM INFORMATION” section.

6. Invoice

Issue the invoice for the full amount you redeemed to ACTIVITYGOGO CY LTD and send to so we can send you the payment. Please include the gift card code on the invoice.

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