10 Hobbies To Try This New Year

New Year, New Me, New Hobby!

Every new year is a new beginning and the perfect opportunity to start a new hobby. If you would like to try something new but are not quite sure what to pick, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find 10 ideas on 10 different hobbies you could try in 2020 and what to expect from each one.

10 activities you could incorporate in your life and make one of them your new hobby.

1. Tennis

Tennis requires a lot of hand and leg coordination, fast reflexes and quick changes of direction for starters. Technique, skill and cleverness are essential to keep you in the game and of course endurance.


Except for being a lot of fun to play, a good stress reliever, exhilarating and an unexpectedly good exercise, it’s also considered one of the most noble sports.  A sport that only royalty used to play, now it’s available to everyone no matter your status, age or ability.


Bottom line: If you never tried tennis, you don’t know what you are missing.

2. Ceramics

An ancient craft created from the need of people to store liquids and food. Developed to a complex art that kept its tradition and value throughout the times.  

Ceramics can relax you, relieve you of your everyday worries and bring to the surface a part of yourself you didn’t know existed. Travel through the centuries while sculpting clay to the shapes and designs your imagination compels you.

3. Theatre

An art form of pure expression of the human body, face and voice and the sheer brilliance of an actor to impersonate the character of a fictional or real character to convince the audience of its authenticity.


A hobby that requires skill and memorisation but brings joy, fulfilment and happiness not only to the actor but to the audience. Becoming part of a theatre group will help you understand the world and your fellow humans in a more profound and meaningful way.

4) Swimming

Swimming is a form of exercise that allows you to train all your muscles simultaneously and relieve your knees and joints from the stress of other kinds of exercises.  

Its rejuvenating, relaxing or intense depending on you, and it can reduce your anxiety levels. Water is known for its therapeutical attributes. Plus if you get tired of working out, you can just relax and enjoy the feeling of the water surrounding you.

5. Dance

When we are young as soon as we hear a song, all we want to do is groove to its rhythm. A lot of us like to shake it when we go out, while others shake it when they are alone.

Taking dancing lessons with a group or even private lessons, increases your self-confidence, its a great exercise, entertaining, cool, fun, and did I mention you have a blast?  

No matter what style of dance you prefer, dancing can be for all ages and genres. Most probably one of the most fun ways to exercise and develop a new skill.

6. Horse riding

Horses are loveable, beautiful, mesmerising, elegant and unique creatures. They tend to bond very well with their owner, and it is said that they can feel what vibes people emulate.

Horse riding might look difficult, but it only takes time to get used to it. You create a special bond with your animal. You get to recognise and appreciate the power, strength and patience of a creature who is willing to take you for a ride.

Unless you have been on a horse, you can’t even understand the feeling of galloping through the fields and the freedom you experience while riding its back.

7. Martial arts

We all know how cool martial arts look in the movies and wonder how many of those moves are actually real. But how many of us genuinely tried practising a martial art?


It requires discipline, devotion and commitment for starters and to work hard without giving up. Essential life skills for all of us to acquire.   


Martial arts vary to suit all styles and likings and it’s something that no matter your age, you should at least give it a chance before you say no.

8. Art

Art can be abstract, realistic, conceptual, digital, complete up to the viewer to decide or uncomprehensible. With various art forms to choose from, you can express your feelings without ever saying a single word. Your inner world can surface and reach out to us without even meeting you.

Draw, design, create, destroy, manipulate, disfigure or a combination of them all to choose from don’t miss out on trying out a different way to communicate your state of mind and convey your message. 

9. Rock climbing/ Bouldering

Yes, it is as challenging as it seems, but it looks amazing and something you must try. It requires upper and lower body strength and believe me when I say that in the first few days your body will ache in places you had no idea it could hurt.

The results though are unbelievable. A very flexible and toned body, endurance, natural strength and the ability to climb walls like they are nothing.  

The joy you will feel when you ring the bell for the first time is something I am not able to describe. It’s similar to kissing your crush for the first time. Yes that satisfying. 

10. Yoga

Yoga should be mandatory if you ask me. Apart from becoming flexible, you experience a level of relaxation and focus like nowhere else.

It can also form a bond with other people and create new friendships and interests. No matter what kind of yoga you choose from, it will definitely improve your body posture, strength and flexibility while also balance your soul and focus your mind. 

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