Aviator Flight Center mission is to provide first class, quality flight training. Whether the trainee's goal is to attain their private pilot certificate for recreation and self-satisfaction, to add an additional rating, or to seek a career in aviation:

  • We will provide a level of education in professional manner that will allow each trainee to meet their ultimate goals.
  • We will provide a superior learning environment that will enhance the learning process.
  • We will recognize that trainee's experiences are varied and we will be there to lend the additional training and the moral support along the way.
  • We will assist our trainees as required and help them to overcome any obstacles may encounter en route in becoming Aviators.
  • We will always treat our trainees with respect and dignity and together we will commit to reach excellence.

Flight Instructors with airline experience, prepare pilots for EASA Part FCL Professional Pilot Licenses (Frozen ATPL). In addition to pilot training, Aviator offers a number of other air services for the individual or business customer.

Flying operations and training courses are held in our brand new state-of-the-art facilities, based in Larnaca International Airport.

  • Before flying solo in an Aviator Flight Centre aeroplane, a student pilot must:
  • Hold a valid medical certificate, appropriate to the licence for which training is required, issued in accordance with Part-MED.
  • Be at least 16 years of age and 17 years of age for the licence issue.
Courses Include: 
Flight Training
  • Minimum of 30 hours of flight instruction, including at least 20 hours of dual flight instruction and 6 hours of supervised solo flight time, including 3 hours of solo cross-country flight time.

  • LAPL Skill test with an Authorised Examiner

  • Ground Training: 9 Ground Exams

Private Pilot Licence: 
  • 45 Hours Minimum Flight Training to include a minimum of 10 hours solo and 35 hours dual
  • PPL Skill test with an Authorised Examiner
Night Rating

5 hours night training to include:

  • 1 hour navigation
  • 5 take-off and full-stop landings at night as PIC (1 hour)

Pre-entry Requirements

This can be completed during the PPL(A) if the other PPL requirements are met i.e. 10 hours solo + 35 hours dual (during daylight). Or PPL (A) licence, issued in accordance with Part-FCL.

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Larnaca International Airport, Larnaca, Cyprus


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      Larnaca International Airport, Larnaca, Cyprus

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