Learn and improve your Freediving skills

  • Come to join us in a freediving course.
  • Learn new skills to take your freediving to the next level.
  • Dive safely and effectively
  • Longer and deeper dive with less effort
  • Proper breathing techniques before and after a dive
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Buddy rescue techniques and procedures
  • Qualified instructors

Courses Available from Beginners to Advanced : The AIDA Freediver course is the foundation freediving course covering the necessary skills and knowledge for a non competitive recreational freediver to safely freedive with or without a guide line.

Beginners : 

  • Knowledge Development
  • Breath Hold Exercise
  • Water Session

Foundation Freediving course : 

  • The purpose of the course is to familiarise the student with the skills, knowledge, planning, organisation, safety procedures, techniques, problems, hazards and enjoyment of breath hold freediving.
  • Students will be introduced to the basic disciplines of freediving; Static Apnea, Dynamic Apnea and Constant Weight freediving

Intermediate Freediving Course : 

  • Builds on the skills learned in the AIDA course.

Advanced Course : 

  • Designed to continue a freediver’s training beyond the level of AIDA Freediver.
  • It aims to meet the needs of those freedivers who want to continue freediving beyond a recreational level.


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Kyrenias 131, Nicosia, Cyprus


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      Kyrenias 131, Nicosia, Cyprus

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