EWTO Cyprus was established with high quality standards franchised from the German Mother Organisation, which boasts more than 60,000 students and 2,000 schools. Its aims is to offer the people of Cyprus, regardless of age and gender, a holistic and preventative Teaching Concept for SAFETY and HEALTH, all based on the ancient Chinese Martial Art, “WingTsun”.

  • The EWTO specialises in ‘Realistic Self-Defence’ following the structure and philosophy of the WingTsun system, but with the added flair of western scientific methods.
  • A number of innovative teaching programmes enable students to quickly grasp the concepts of WingTsun and understand the physical and psychological threats of a “ritual fight” as well as methods for self assertion and the prevention of violence.
  • Kids Wing Tsun Classes
  • BlitzDefence Classes
  • Escrima Classes
  • FightFit Classes
  • Classes for eveeyone (Women, Men & Kids)

  • Minimum Age:
    4 years old

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