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  • WingTsun is logical. It uses all physical and geometric possibilities of the body to deflect and redirect the impinging force of an attack, so it is possible for physically weaker people to defend themselves effectively against a stronger attacker.
  • WingTsun is the art of avoiding violence which aims at physical and mental assertion against bullies! It’s a tool which may safeguard you from the onset by making yourself less appealing to predators (verbally and physically) as subtle, nonverbal cues make the difference in whether you’re targeted or not.
  • For cases where the physical confrontation is unavoidable WingTsun prepares you for every possible phase in a real fight against one or more opponents where the “rule of fairness” does not exist: from kicks and punches, elbows and knees through to anti-grappling and ground-fighting with the least amount of movements, WingTsun offers you the whole plethora of solutions
  • Minimum Age:
    4 years old

Megaron 4, Paphos, Cyprus


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      Megaron 4, Paphos, Cyprus

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