Cyprus kitesurfing school KiteMed was founded in 2003. In the very early stages of kitesurfing in Cyprus, we realised that the area near Kiti, Softades village in Larnaca is ideal for water sport activities.



We are located at The Spot. It is the only place in Cyprus that is approved by the authorities to kitesurfing and the area has all the space you will need as a beginner to learn the fast rising sport of Kitesurfing, constant winds until sundown and all the shore break waves you will need as an advanced rider.



KiteMed is an IKO Center complies with the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) standards and offers the quality set by the IKO.


Our goal is to promote safety and our programs are designed for beginners to advanced riders. We can help you choose the best kitesurfing Course and/or Gear that suit your goals and level…


Learn kitesurfing safely with our IKO certified instructors. We have friendly, willing & talented IKO instructors, ready to teach all the IKO levels, from beginners to advance. We also provide Jet Ski support upon request for our semiprivate or private courses.


Kitemed is ideal for learning windsurfing or progress to the next level.

This is the place where the wind never dies.

A consistent side shore wind with warm water and lots of sun you are sure our Team will be ready to help you to work on any skills you hope to master.

Teach with brand new Naish Kailua boards we are sure your learning experience will be very easy.


1 to 1 special packages guaranteed to provide you the ultimate learning experience.


IKO Level standards
Level 1 (Beginner) – IKO L1
Level 2 (Intermediate) – IKO L2
Level 3 (Independent) – IKO L3


Our policy requires that all students wear appropriate safety gear, which is included in the lesson prices. All the kite control bars used by instructors/students and for rentals are fitted and must use a safety leash.
All students learn how to use the safety systems early on. Lessons are only conducted while the wind conditions are below 30 knots.


All semi private courses are 2-3 persons with shared kite/board and one instructor.
Every Level has one hour of theoretical content (IKO STANDARDS) which is given on the beach or in the classroom, depending on the wind condition
No-shows/delayed students who have pre-booked and prepaid lesson time will forfeit their lesson.
Breaks are not included in lessons. If a student requests a break, it will be counted as lesson time.
In all lesson prices all gear is included.


A Kite camp, also know as a kite clinic or kite workshop, is a trip with a small group of riders and a pro kitesurfer who, will become your personal coach in order to boost your level like never before.
This is a great way to improve your kitesurfing skills, learn new tricks, meet other kitesurfers from around the world, and discover Cyprus, one of Europe’s Top kitesurfing destinations.
At Kitemed we are dedicated to safety in and out of the water.
We have been teaching since 2003 and we are still going strong!
Setting up kite camps or kite clinics just comes natural to us and this is the way to progress into the sport.
We are fortunate to have met some of the best kitesurfers during our traveling around the world just when it all started!




What is the minimum level required to participated?

Each camp has different requirements based on the instructor and the groups requests.
In general you should be able to ride both ways without any problem.

How many hours per day do I ride?
I depends on how much your body can handle! Usually we recommend not to ride very hard the first days because you won’t handle the rest of the course.
In general we start early with Yoga or SUP yoga session and stretching sessions
Then when the wind picks up we will usually do 2 sessions 2 hrs each per day.

I will be able to land my tricks or master my wave riding technic?
Maybe yes maybe not. It depends on how ambitious you are and how difficult the trick you want to learn is compared to your current level.

How much does it costs?
Each kite camp has different requirements, so please check with us for more info.

Can I rent gear ?
Yes. A variety of gear is available.
Please book in advance.

Can I come with my partner?
Yes! If they kitesurf already they can ride around and enjoy the conditions while we will be coaching you.
I they don’t, they can relax at our friendly Spot or stay at the hotel.



Booking fee is €30. A 50% of the course fee is payable on arrival and the following 50% before the second lesson.
On non completion of courses you will be charged the highest applied hourly rate for any course or lesson.
Courses need to be completed within the same season.
Kite Lessons (Refunds):
On completion of 80% of the practical part of the course no refund will be given.
Cash payments will be refunded. Vouchers will be refunded in goods from the shop
(without Discount).
Check out our lesson policy for any info and questions.


  • Getting acquainted with the equipment
  • Uphauling
  • Sailing
  • Steering
  • Changing direction
LEVEL 1   - (6 HOURS) €120
  • Getting acquainted with the equipment
  • Wind and beach conditions – safety rules
  • Uphauling – positioning the board
  • Sailing stance
  • Controlling power and direction
  • Steering – riding upwind / downwind
  • Turning
  • Returning to the same position
LEVEL 2  - (6 HOURS) €120
  • Assembling, rigging and carrying the equipment
  • Beach start
  • Acquiring speed
  • Fast turns – Gibe and Tack
  • Using the harness – harness lines
  • Getting into the foot straps
Age Groups

Kiti Softades beach, Larnaca 7560, Cyprus


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