Circuit based group training combining 3 dimensional functional movements with cardio intervals using your body-weight and accessories.


A whole new approach to group functional training that makes you smile and sweat at the same time.


Designed for training strength, speed, agility, mobility, power and more, it is easily adapted to all audiences.


Total body workout in sessions of 45 mins, programs that can train multiple outcomes from Functional Training to HIIT to Resistance to Power, uses the bodies natural movement patterns to increase the energy demand and deliver faster results, movements are 3D as you would do in life, that involve your entire body working together.


No treadmills. No rower. No exercise bike. PRAMA looks like a crossover between an arcade game and a playground. You feel as though you are coming in for a playful and video game like experience but get one of the best workouts of your live. Using interactive flooring with integrated LED lights and sensors, several different types of functional markings, versatile new training software, and PRAMA Mood lighting, the platform delivers a complete solution for functional training.


Estias 3, Pallouriotisa Nicosia, Cyprus

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Estias 3, Pallouriotisa Nicosia, Cyprus

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