• Yoga is a means through which I have made positive changes and choices in my life and I want to share my love and knowledge of Yoga practice and philosophy with you too.
  • Yoga is an approach that helps us truly live in the present moment.
  • I am teaching Yoga in its holistic context not in just a form of exercising. My goal is to make students feel comfortable, so as to get the most out of their holistic practice. Not only you will learn how to perform asanas and breath correctly but, how to connect your bodies to your mind and identify your inner self.
  • For me, teaching goes beyond the mat. Yoga is a belief, a sacred place, a value, a form of exercise, a meditation, a life attending experience. Yoga is an accessible approach to rely on for a long day at work or, an illness or, a divorce or, stress, or addiction or, lack of self confidence. Yoga can always positively impact your life.
  • Yoga is the connection between the body, mind, soul and breath. It is freedom and release. It’s a philosophy that helps you grow both in a physical and spiritual way, enabling you to connect with your higher self.


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9, Ioanni Metaxas Street, Ayios Dometios Nicosia, Cyprus


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      9, Ioanni Metaxas Street, Ayios Dometios Nicosia, Cyprus

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