Scuba-Tech Diving Centre offers diver training for all levels of diver. From PADI beginner courses to Assistant Instructor, to TDI Technical Diver Training with nitrox, trimix, Sidemount and decompression diving.

  • If you have never tried diving before, we can take you for your first breaths underwater with the security of having the dive instructors undivided attention. No big groups at scuba tech. All of our training is conducted with one on one or small family group training.
  • If you wish to advance your diving certifications, join us for PADI and BSAC diver training, Technical Diver Courses, Rebreather Diving or Sidemount Diving.
  • Scuba Divers can buy Dive Equipment from Scuba Tech Diving Centre or get
  • If you just want to scuba dive and have fun, we can show you Cyprus' range of shore and boat dives. See the sea at night on Night Dives or join us on any of our wrecks including the top ten wreck of the Zenobia nearby.

Courses : 

  • Our Recreational Diver Training Programs are for beginners and Scuba Divers diving with single tanks to a maximum depth of 40m with air or Nitrox. Recreational Sidemount Programs are also available for divers prefering to dive with this configuration. Scuba Tech Diving Centre offers recreational diver training from dive Agencies: PADI or BSAC. Both agencies offer internationally recognised qualifications, opening up the whole world to you for Scuba Diving
  • Scuba Tech Diving Centre's Technical Dive Courses will train you to use specialised Diving equipment so you can dive deeper than the 40m recreational limit.

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Dive prices include qualified Dive Guide and single tank with up to 32% Nitrox, transfers from local resort accomodation to Dive Centre and Dive Sites and weights.

  • Single Dive €35
  • Double Dive €656
  • Dive Package €19010
  • Dive Package €295
  • BOAT DIVINGzenobia- 2 dives€115
  • Zenobia-one deco divePrice incl. Twinset/ Rebreather O2 and Diluent + 50% in 7l €125
  • Local Boat Dive €55
  • Costandis & Lady Thetis €11
  • 5DIVE UPGRADESTwinset Per Dive €5
  • EQUIPMENT RENTAL €15 p/day
  • Dive computer rental €10 p/day
  • 7l with 50% €127l with 100% €25
  • Helium 8 cents/lDive Lime €9/kg

Scuba Tech Diving Centre, 298 leoforos Protara- cavo gkreko Paralimni, Cyprus


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      Scuba Tech Diving Centre, 298 leoforos Protara- cavo gkreko Paralimni, Cyprus

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