The Cyprus Parachute Centre welcomes all-comers and can offer a variety of ways to experience this exciting sport.


The course commences with a full day of ground tuition with your instructor. This covers the theory and practice of skydiving and the use of your parachute system. You will learn safety procedures, how the equipment operates, how to exit the aircraft with your instructors, how to maintain control and communicate in free fall, how to initiate the opening of the main parachute, and how to steer to the landing area and land safely.

If you want to experience every aspect of our sport on your very first jump, a Tandem Skydive is just the thing! Following a short pre-jump briefing, you will enjoy the thrill of free fall and even learn the basics of steering and landing a modern ‘square’ gliding parachute, while securely attached to a highly experienced instructor.

On the day of your skydive your instructor will explain in detail what you have to do and what will take place during the flight up, the free fall descent and the ride down under the parachute. This briefing normally takes around 20-30 minutes. After this, you will be provided with a skydiver’s jumpsuit to go over your clothes (you should wear comfortable clothing, such as a track suit, and a pair of trainers). After fitting the tandem parachute harness (and appropriate headgear and goggles) you are ready to board the plane for the 20 minute ascent.

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Jump Ticket up to 5000ft                                    €15
Jump Ticket up to 13000ft                                   €25

Tandem                                                               €250
​Tandem Video                                                     €90

1 Jump Course                                                    €200
RAPS Student up to CAT 8                                  €30
RAPS Student Re-Grd Trg(6+mths)                      €50

AFF Grd Trg & L1 to L8                                          €1630
AFF Grd Trg & L1                                                   €360
AFF L2                                                                  €260
AFF L3                                                                  €260
AFF L4                                                                  €160
AFF L5                                                                  €160
AFF L6                                                                  €160
AFF L7                                                                  €160
AFF L8 up to 5000ft                                             €110
AFF Consolidations                                              €40
AFF L1 - L3 Re-Jump                                             €260
AFF L4 - L7 Re-Jump                                            €160
AFF L8 Re-Jump                                                   €80
FS/FF Coaching (Including Instructor)                 €45
Equipment Hire                                                     €5
Packing (Private Arrangement)                             €5

  • Minimum Age:
    16 years old

Xylotymvou, Cyprus


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