Touch Glove - Pro & Amateur Training Club 

Touch Glove is the ideal place for:
  • Boxing
  •  Kickboxing
  • MMA (mixed martial arts)
  • Weight Loss / Body FitnessYou may choose your own personal or semi personal package or join a class.
Why we differ from all the others?
  • We have professional trainers from Cyprus and abroad are dedicate to help you achieve your goals and develop the best of you
  • We organize seminars and demonstrations with internationally distinguished pro trainers and fighters from Cyprus and abroad
  • We organize professional and amateur fights in Cyprus and abroad
  • We have sparring partners from Cyprus and abroad
What is?
  • Boxing, where one only concentrates on the upper body. This training can easily be combined with kickboxing and MMA.
  • Kickboxing, which is a full-contact sport, combines boxing, high and low kicks.
  • MMA is mixed martial arts. It is a tough style, because the fight takes place both standing and on the mats, and it involves a lot of gripping. Head locks, arm locks and leg locks are all allowed. Add kicks, punches and throws, and you've got the right idea.If you want to build up your physique, gain an effective fat burn rate, find an outlet for aggression, gain better self confidence etc. then Touch Glove is definitely for you.

19C Dimostheni Severi Ave. Nicosia, Cyprus


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      19C Dimostheni Severi Ave. Nicosia, Cyprus

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