New Trend: Online Escape Rooms

Online Escape Rooms is the hottest trend in 2021, not only for remote team-building but also for connecting friends from anywhere in the world! A way to have fun and nurture human connection in the digital era.

A Real Time Adventure is Just a Mouse Click Away

Jump aboard a live video stream from anywhere in the world. The live online escape room gives you the opportunity to try the new generation of escape games, without leaving your home. These remote escape rooms bring you and your friends an unlimited experience of getting together without violating the social distancing principles.


Essentially you’re plugging yourself into a physical Games Master who’s situated in the actual escape room itself. See through their eyes as you pull the strings, controlling their every move as you search for clues and race to complete your 60 minute adventure.



The game master will follow your instructions to walk around the room and with the help of a webcam, you will see exactly what they see. Find clues, figure out the connections and solve the puzzles. Any clue you find goes into your digital inventory accessed by your game dashboard for closer inspection. You will need a strong team who will join the game online as well to work together as a team to face the challenges of the escape room. Get ready for the unexpected and experience of this fun adventure!

Game Rooms

Online Escape Room game rooms

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