Should my listing description be in Greek or English?

Activitygogo is primarily focused on locals looking to find and try new activities. However, it is important to keep in mind that many people living in Cyprus who want to find new activities, do not speak any Greek. In addition, millions of tourists visit the island each year, looking for fun things to do.

Therefore, the real question to ask is “Are my services available both in Greek and English?”

Greek Exclusively

If your activities are suitable only for Greek speakers, then you could write your listing description in Greek. However, we do recommend to include the keywords of the activities you offer both in Greek and English. For example, if you offer καράτε then you should also include the word karate in English, so that your listing can appear in both “καράτε”and “karate” keywords searches.

English or Multi-lingual

If your activities are suitable for both Greek and English speakers or even any other languages, we recommend you write your listing in English. However, you should specify the language/s in which you carry out your activities within the description of your listing. It would still be beneficial to include the activity keywords in both Greek and English for improved visibility in searches.

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