Listing Priority in search results: Normal, Featured & Promoted

How can listings gain higher priority when appearing in search results?

By default, listing priority is set to Normal, which means no extra priority is given to them. Listings can be given higher priority in search results in the following ways:
  1. By purchasing a subscription plan which includes Featured Listings which automatically marks the listing as Featured, indefinitely.
  2. When you purchase a promotion package known as promotional keys, which marks the listing as Promoted, for a set amount of time. You can purchase and apply promotional keys to your listings via your Account Dashboard > Listings > Promote

What are the different priority levels?

The difference between NormalFeatured, and Promoted listings is as follows.
  • Promoted listings have the highest importance in search results. They will also appear ahead of featured listings.
  • Featured listings are a level below promoted listings in importance, but will be shown ahead of normal listings.
  • Normal priority listings will appear below promoted and featured listings. They aren’t given any special importance.

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